What Types of Problems Can Hand Surgery Fix?

Hand surgery is a specialized type of surgery that is altered to fit the unique needs of individual patients. All hand surgeries are customized and serve to alleviate pain, restore function and improve the appearance of the hands. The hands are intricate body parts that are crucial to every day function. Because of the importance of the hands, it is imperative patients select a surgeon who has specialized training and experience in hand surgery. Hand surgery can correct birth defects, nerve problems and arthritis. Hand surgery can also be cosmetic, or reconstructive in the wake of trauma. To follow is a look into some of the types of conditions hand surgery can correct.

Hand Surgery for Nerve Problems

Hand surgery can correct conditions concerning the nerves in the hand. Common conditions such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can benefit from surgery to release the pressure on the nerves within the Carpal Tunnel. This procedure alleviates pain by reducing pressure and swelling and helps restore a patient’s hand function.

Another type of hand surgery to prevent nerve damage is Dupuytren’s Contracture Surgery. Dupuytren’s Contracture causes fingers to remain curled, most often the ring and pinky fingers. This condition doesn’t generally cause pain, but it does create lack of function, and cause the hands to appear deformed.

Hand Surgery for Bone Problems

Degenerative bone diseases such as arthritis, which causes severe, painful swelling in the joints can be corrected through hand surgery. Rheumatoid Arthritis surgery repositions tendons and ligaments in the hand and fingers to alleviate pain and restore function. In some extreme arthritis cases, a joint may be removed and replaced with a prosthetic joint to better ensure proper functionality.

Hand Surgery for Trauma

In the event of trauma, hand surgery can reconstruct or reattach lost fingers through grafting surgeries. These procedures are considered incredibly difficult to perform, but can help a patient restore functionality and confidence. Grafting procedures take tissue and bone from other areas of the patient’s body and repurposes those tissue and bones in the hands.

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