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Too Good To Be True? Understanding Stem Cell Therapy

The rapid development of Regenerative Medicine has led to claims which sometimes appear to be ‘too good to be true’ with conflicting statements regarding the best source for cells and the appropriate treatment options.  Choosing the right physician is the most important step toward the goals of reducing pain, improving function, and restoring range of …

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Shoulder Dislocations

Shoulder dislocations are common. According to Dr. Victor Palomino, Doctor of Orthopaedic Surgery at The Orthopaedic Center, roughly half of all dislocation visits to the emergency room are shoulder dislocations. Because you can twist and move your upper arm in almost any direction, it is one of the weakest joints in the human body. Causes …

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Ankle Replacement

Ankle Pain

Inevitably it happens. If not to you it may happen to someone you know. And, ironically, in Oklahoma it has been given a name. OPA for short or what we now call the Oklahoma porch accident. Yes the proverbial slip and fall, which we see, happen all to frequently. Sometimes it’s just a sprain, which …

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Health e Bones 2/13/18 Stress Fractures

Healthy bones are an integral part of everyday life that we sometimes take for granted. Our bones provide the framework for our everyday functions such as sitting, walking, running and simple movements like holding a fork to eat. Our bones also have some amazing functions. They house our bone marrow and make the essential red …

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 Dr. Stromberg One of our talented hand surgeons, Dr. Stromberg, has taken some time to share a bit of his life, interests and professional advice with us. Here is a quick peek into some of his answers: Q: What made you choose hand surgery as a sub-specialty? A: The hand is a bridge to our world. We …


3 Ways to Support Eye Health as You Age

Age has a way of provoking unwanted changes. For many of us, our vision is one of the first indicators that we are getting older. The bad news is that our biology naturally changes with time. The good news is that there are strategies that can be implemented to reduce the effects of aging. Here, …

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National Diabetes Month: Your Eye Care Matters

Diabetes is a concerning health condition that affects nearly half of the adults in our country. When diabetes is a known health problem, proper eye care needs to take a place of priority. The fluctuations in blood sugar have a direct effect on overall eye health, affecting the integrity of ocular structures such as the …

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Our New Spine & Pain Management Center in Jenks, OK

We’re excited to announce the opening of our new Spine & Pain Management Center in Jenks. Dr. Arulkumar and nurse practitioners, Nichole Reynolds and Marco Criscione will be located at 512 N Franklin St. Jenks, OK 74037.   Nichole Reynolds Marco Criscione We look forward to providing conservative, innovative treatment options to patients suffering from …

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Welcome, Dr. Chad Hanson

Dr. Chad Hanson

Dr. Hanson will be joining The Orthopaedic Center August 21, 2017 focusing on athletes and weekend warriors. He was a team physician for Tulsa Public Schools from 2011-2014 as well as on the ACR Tulsa rodeo medical staff and a volunteer physician for Tulsa Tough cycling in 2013. Dr. Hanson was the team physician for …

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Dr. Darnell Blackmon Receives Top Doctor Award!

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