Hand & Wrist Procedures in Tulsa, OK

Hand and Wrist Procedure

What Do Hand & Wrist Specialists At The Orthopaedic Center Do?

Hand and wrist procedures are a specialty of orthopedic surgeons at The Orthopaedic Center. These specialists are uniquely trained to treat the bones, ligaments, tendons, and nerves of the hand and wrist. They can provide treatments for conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, ganglion cysts, arthritis of the hand and finger joints, traumatic and sports injuries, tendonitis, fractures, nerve entrapment syndromes, and more.

What Do Hand & Wrist Surgeries Consist Of?

The hand and wrist have highly complex structures that require a precise surgical technique. Orthopedic surgeons in Tulsa are experienced in performing both minimally invasive surgeries as well as traditional open procedures. Minimally invasive surgeries involve the use of endoscopy or arthroscopic equipment to access the joints and ligaments. This type of hand surgery reduces recovery time and can be used to repair joint damage, remove bone spurs, correct nerve entrapment, and more.

When Should You Get A Hand & Wrist Surgery?

Orthopedic surgeons in Tulsa are trained in treating a wide range of hand and wrist injuries. For instance, carpal tunnel syndrome can be treated by releasing pressure on the median nerve in the wrist. This can involve a surgical procedure, or it may require occupational therapy and a splint. Osteoarthritis of the hand and finger joints is another common condition that can be managed with physical therapy, medications, injections to reduce inflammation, ligament stabilization, and joint replacement.

In the event of a traumatic injury, such as a fracture or dislocation, orthopedic surgeons in Tulsa can surgically repair the damaged bones and ligaments. Depending on the severity of the injury, wrist arthroscopy may be used to address bone fragments or tendon damage. Also, tendon repair techniques such as suture anchors, flexor tenolysis, or tendon grafting may be used to restore normal hand and wrist function.

Hand & Wrist Surgery Recovery

After hand and wrist surgery, rehabilitation is key for a successful outcome. Orthopedic surgeons at the Orthopaedic Center typically provide patients with a rehabilitation protocol that includes activities such as range of motion exercises and strengthening exercises. Rehabilitation may also include the use of splints or braces to reduce swelling and protect the joint from further injury. Follow-up visits with the physician are also necessary to ensure that patients are healing properly and making progress.

Hand & Wrist Surgical Procedures In Tulsa, OK

How Hand Injuries Can Be Detrimental

Hand and wrist injuries can be serious and even life-altering. Early diagnosis, treatment, and aggressive rehabilitation are essential in preventing long-term disability. At The Orthopaedic Center, our experienced orthopedic surgeons are committed to providing effective treatments for hand and wrist problems. Whether your condition is caused by an injury or degenerative disease, we can help you get back to healthy mobility with our experienced hand doctors in Tulsa who know exactly had to treat your problems.

Why Choose The Orthopaedic Center For Your Hand Surgery?

Effective hand surgery requires the skill and precision of an experienced surgeon, in order to successfully treat the condition and restore full function to the hand. At The Orthopaedic Center, our surgeons have years of experience performing a full range of hand surgery procedures and utilize the latest techniques while doing so.

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