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Surgery Day

If you require surgery to correct an orthopaedic disorder our staff will explain the operative procedure, the recovery process and the type of rehabilitation program you will need. Our surgeons operate at Center for Orthopaedic Reconstruction & Excellence (CORE a facility of Bristow), OSU Medical Center and a few surgeries at Hillcrest Medical Center. All surgical suites are equipped with the most advanced instrumentation and equipment currently available.


Please remember:

You must have a COVID-19 test 6-7 days prior to your surgery – please contact the facility where you are having surgery to schedule your test.

DO NOT eat or drink ANYTHING after midnight prior to your surgery day. This means NO FOOD, WATER, GUM, MINTS, CHEWING TOBACCO, CIGARETTES, COFFEE or JUICES! Surgery will be cancelled if you do not comply with dietary restrictions.

Patients preparing for surgery MUST STOP ALL sources of Aspirin, Aspirin like products, Vitamins and all Herbal Supplements or Diet Pills for 10 days prior to surgery and 5 days after surgery. DO NOT STOP TAKING BLOOD PRESSURE, DIABETIC OR PRESCRIBED MEDICATIONS until you consult with your primary care/family physician. Click here for list of a FEW OF MANY Aspirin-like or Herbal Supplement products to be avoided prior to surgery.

For out-patient surgery you must have a driver accompany you to your procedure.

The surgery time given is just an estimate. You will receive a call to confirm your correct arrival time THE DAY BEFORE YOUR SURGERY. If you have not received a call by 4pm the day before surgery, please call a surgery coordinator at (918) 925-3246 or (918) 925-3244.

Center for Orthopaedic
Reconstruction & Excellence

3029 W Main St.
Jenks, OK 74037

Tel: (918) 701-2300
COVID Testing (918) 807-3190

OSU Medical Center
744 W 9th St
Tulsa, OK 74104

Tel: (918)599-1000

Oklahoma Spine &
Orthopedic Institute @ Hillcrest

1120 S Utica Ave
Tulsa, OK 74104

Tel: (918) 579-4447

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