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Upper Extremity
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Welcome to The Orthopaedic Center,
Located In Tulsa.

The Orthopaedic Center located in Tulsa, OK offers some of the most advanced patient specific treatment options for your bone and joint pain. Our fellowship trained surgeons and support staff are dedicated to restoring motion in your life and getting you back to your daily activities.

Meet our
amazing team

One of our commitments is to continually
perform in a patient-centered manner.

We treat patients from pediatrics to seniors, tendonitis to osteoporosis, sports injuries to on-the-job injuries, car accidents to at-home accidents. Our patients become part of our family; and like family, they know we will be here for them. We see our role in patient care as orthopaedic specialists working together to offer the best possible medical and surgical care available.

2021 team photo
My son Anthony (16) fractured the Scaphoid in his right hand during Nov. 2010. We were referred to Dr. Chalkin (Orthopedic Center Tulsa, OK) which when he reviewed Anthony’s MRI we were told Anthony needed surgery and physical therapy would follow. The Scaphoid fracture kept the bone from receiving blood; the bone was dying it ...
We are a patient of record for over eight years. We are excited about the prospect of John being able to dance again. These films showcase the bone on bone JTF has endured for many years. We have embraced low impact warm pool therapy and he still has the moves just unable to support earth’s ...
In October 2014 I had my left knee replaced by Dr. Yogesh Mittal. I started hitting the gym 6 months in advance of the surgery for cardio and leg exercise. Three weeks after the replacement I walked 3 miles without a crutch or cane. My rehab was done by the book per doctor’s instructions. I ...
I wanted to take a moment to compliment some of your staff members on exceptional service rendered to first my daughter, Danielle Langley, and myself. My daughter was in a horrible car accident on 3/31/15 and was ultimately referred to Dr. Chalkin by her PCP (after the hospital’s referrals to surgeons were futile. None of ...
Dr. Chalkin, you did a great job. I remember one time you said you thought of my tendon surgery often. Think good thoughts. If you hadn’t done the job you did, I wouldn’t even be able to use that arm.” – Burt Witaschek
He gave me my life back! And I’m recommending him to anyone with degenerative hip or knee issues.” – Kathy Holeman Kathy had been suffering from severe pain in her left hip for over 7 years caused by inflammation of the bursa sac. For the last 5 years she had been receiving steroid shots beginning ...

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Too Good To Be True? Understanding Stem Cell Therapy

The rapid development of Regenerative Medicine has led to claims which sometimes appear to be ‘too good to be true’ with conflicting statements regarding the best source for cells and the appropriate treatment options.  Choosing the right physician is the most important step toward the ...
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Shoulder Dislocations

Shoulder dislocations are common. According to Dr. Victor Palomino, Doctor of Orthopaedic Surgery at The Orthopaedic Center, roughly half of all dislocation visits to the emergency room are shoulder dislocations. Because you can twist and move your upper arm in almost any direction, it is ...
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Ankle Replacement

Inevitably it happens. If not to you it may happen to someone you know. And, ironically, in Oklahoma it has been given a name. OPA for short or what we now call the Oklahoma porch accident. Yes the proverbial slip and fall, which we see, ...
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