The Orthopaedic Center is rated 5 out of 5.0 based on 62 ratings.

I came to the Orthopaedic Center after having two surgeons tell me that I had little to no choice but to have my right knee replaced. I then began doing research. The results of my exhaustive study pointed me to choose the best available professional to perform my surgery. Then after my initial consult with Dr. Yogesh Mittal, I relaxed knowing I was to be in the hands of "Dr. GOAT."

Brent Hudson

Before getting to the healthcare, a word about the office & pre-treatment administrative details. These were handled quite well. Minimum of hassle; minimum of waiting time. As for the important thing--the quality of care--I can't praise Dr. Mogelnicki highly enough. She handled a difficult problem--torn ligament in my foot--in a way that eliminated pain and issues, and without recourse to surgery. She's wonderful.

Steve Walton

Dr. Mittal was a referral from my primary, I really didn't do much background on him, I trusted my physician. I had a left hip replacement in July. I have had little to no pain at all ever. Amazing how well I can move without pain and the sound of fireworks not going off! I have scheduled my right hip next, excited to be without pain in my right hip now. Now I am going to tell you what the countless health professionals said about Dr. Mittal. I had no idea how wonderful he is and how I was blessed to be in his care. "Dr. Mittal is the best in Tulsa, the state and within several states". "Dr. Mittal's patients heal the best and without infections". After reviewing my medications, "I wish other doctors would follow Dr. Mittal's protocol". "Dr. Mittal's patients outperform other hip replacements ". "He wears tailored scrubs". Dr. Mittal, I want to see your scrubs next time!! Countless of former patients and their high success testimonies. I would definitely get on his schedule right away!

Liz Blackard

My experience with all the staff at The Orthopedic Center was wonderful. From the receptionist, Traci who handled Dr. Palomino’s workmen’s comp cases (she was always so helpful) Gina in scheduling(very personable), x-ray, Dr. Palomino’s assistant, I think his name is Brandon and of course not leaving out Dr. Palomino himself, all of them have been a big help in getting me on the road to recovery. I had and continue to have every confidence in Dr. Palomino’s skill, ability and knowledge to help me in my healing and recovery! I didn’t have a choice as to where I would go for my needs because of it being a workmen’s comp but would now choose The Orthopedic Center, its staff and Dr. Palomino for any future orthopedic needs! Great job and a big thank you to everyone!

Deborah Draper

The nurses were nice and helpful, everyone is a great team and has been a good team to be there for each patient and each other. I am thankful for Dr. Palomino and his team to explain and allow me to ask questions if I have any. Dr. Palomino is a good doctor for any orthopedic surgeon I have been to for any problems. I have had 2 (two) scopes done on my left knee and I have had more problems with my knee than I should have had. I told my PCP at the time I feel like I should of gotten a total knee replacement instead of just the scope on the last surgery. PCP told me I was too young for it. I may have to be old to have a total knee replacement later on with Dr. Palomino when it comes time for that kind of surgery. Dr. Palomino is a great doctor I will recommend him to any one who is needing a good orthopedic surgeon for a orthopedic specialist in a heartbeat he is that good

Allison Maynard

Staff was friendly and courteous. Questions for my doctor were answered and explained. I have had surgery from 2 other doctors at The Orthopaedic Center and have never been disappointed in care and treatment. I would not consider any other Orthopaedic Center. The doctors are amazing.

Sharon Melton

I'm 68 years old I couldn't hardly move it it's from overusing as a child my parents said I didn't use my left side for about a month normal things happen later but I couldn't get my pain pills for 4 days and there was no pain what so ever I was enough I can't praise him enough I tell him every time I'll be a poster child and do a video and tell the world he's a genius and it's partner that does the hip surgery is exactly the same I've heard someone told me a lady got her front hit done two days later she was walking that's a miracle I'm ready to get back into life

Bill M.
Dr. Chalkin
Dr Mogelnicki is amazing! She listened carefully and immediately helped me with my plantar fasciitis. I trust this crew! Thank you Dr Mogelnicki!

Elizabeth Bell

I had a radial head arthroplasty done. Dr. Hanson is very friendly, caring, straightforward, and a great surgeon. I give him laud, and I highly recommend him to anyone. Thank you, Dr. Hanson!

Bucky Rodkin

Dr Palomino is an outstanding orthopedic doctor and surgeon. He has done both of my shoulders and I have recommended him to numerous friends or anyone that I run across who needs shoulder surgery. I experienced some pain in one of my shoulders recently and went to see him; he took the time to examine and test me and it was determined to let me do some exercises at home. He listens and talks through situations thoroughly. Dr Palomino is a great doctor who always has his patients best interests at heart.

Rich K.

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