Preventing Falls & Fractures

As we age, the likelihood of experiencing a fracture due to a fall increases significantly, the most common causes being hazards both indoors and outside. The most common reasons people fall include poor vision, certain medications, lack of muscle strength, problems with balance, slow reflexes which make it difficult to keep your balance, tripping due to loss of footing, and drinking alcohol. To help prevent falls and avoid injury, consider the following tips.

When you’re outside, take these measures to increase your safety from falls:

  • When the walks are slippers, walk on the grass instead to gain more traction
  • Use handrails when you go up and down stairs, and install hand rails on either side of your porch
  • Keep your driveway and porch clean by sweeping or shoveling away leaves, snow, ice and clutter
  • Wear a fanny pack or bag to keep your hands free and maintain balance
  • Wear shoes with low heels and substantial traction
  • Take the following indoor precautions to minimize your risk of falling:
  • Keep items you use the most within reach, including your home phone, medications and water
  • Be wary of hardwood or tile floors, which can become slippery when wet – if they’re covered with rugs in certain places, walk on those for added traction
  • Use skid-proof backing on area rugs to keep them in place
  • Keep your floors clutter-free
  • Secure all loose wires and cords
  • Install bars in your bathtub or shower, as well as your toilet
  • Make sure stairs are equipped with light switches at both the top and bottom
  • Maintain a healthy diet that includes the recommended daily doses of calcium and vitamin D.

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