Hand Surgery Procedures

Hand surgery procedures can be medical or cosmetic, and are aimed at either correcting or improving the different unwanted or unaesthetic conditions arising out of injuries, birth defects and accidents. A simpler way to put this would be – if you have any condition or symptom that affects how your hands look or feel, hand surgery procedures can help you get desired results with relative ease.

Who is a Candidate for Hand Surgery?

Anyone who is unhappy or uncomfortable with how their hands look, feel and function can be a candidate for hand surgery procedures. Typical conditions that require hand surgeries include:

  • Infections, such as those that lead to the formation of fluid-filled cysts or ganglions.
  • Injuries like fractures, dislocations or deep cuts, bruises, and so on, which change the aesthetics and function of hands. Revered fingers can also be re-attached or re-constructed with hand surgery procedures.
  • Degenerative conditions such as arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and so on, which occur gradually because of age and other factors, cause pain and change how the hands function.
  • Congenital deformities or birth defects, which cause your hands to have a different structure or appearance than normal.

What are Some Common Types of Hand Surgery Procedures?

There are a multitude of hand surgery procedures, which are performed under general or local anesthesia, depending upon the actual, underlying condition. Here are seven common types:

  • Surgical drainage – Where wounds caused by infections are cleaned of the debris or fluid, to promote healing or prevent further infections.
  • Skin grafts and flaps – Where skin from other parts of the body is taken to replace unhealthy skin, or to attach to part of the hand that has missing skin.
  • Tendon or nerve repair – Where damage to tendons or nerves of the hand is reduced or repaired, using surgical procedures.
  • Fasciotomy– Where early stages of compartment syndromes are treated using surgical incisions for releasing extra pressure.
  • Carpal Tunnel Surgery – Where pressure on the affected nerve is removed by surgically removing the tissue causing the pressure.
  • Arthroplasty – Where severely damaged joints (due to arthritis) are replaced with an artificial joint using surgical procedures. This procedure is also known simply as Rheumatoid Arthritis Surgery.
  • Replantation – Where amputated fingers or hands are re-attached to the affected area using micro-surgery.

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