A Closer Look At Spine Conditions

The spine is a complex structure in the human anatomy that offers the right balance between strength and flexibility. Age, injuries, trauma and strain can lead to a number of spinal issues. An orthopedic surgeon can help diagnose the condition and treat it effectively.

Spinal Conditions

  • Degenerative disc disorder: This condition mainly occurs due to aging, while it may sometimes occur even after slipped disc following an injury. It can elevate leading to stenosis and osteoarthritis.
  • Herniated disc: This is caused when the spongy disc that acts as a cushion for the vertebrae ruptures or bulges out. It usually occurs in the lower back, and is known by the names slipped/ ruptured disc.
  • Compression fracture: This condition refers to a fracture of the spinal vertebra from trauma, injury, osteoporosis, or cancer.
  • Myleopathy: This refers to the deterioration in the spine’s nerve functionality. This can occur in cases where the spinal canal narrows down or from injury.
  • Scoliosis: Scoliosis caused a deviation in the spine curvature, so it resumes a C or S shape, as opposed to gentler curvatures. This can be a hereditary or due to osteoporosis or injuries.
  • Kyphosis: This progressive disorder causes the thoracic spine to curve. It can affect adults and children, and can be from accidents, injuries, degenerative diseases and development issues.
  • Radiculopathy: This condition affects the spinal nerves and roots. It can start with the neck nerve roots and spread to the arms, or start at the lower back and extend to the feet in the individual. The main causes for the condition is over exertion, injury, and degeneration.
  • Spondylolisthesis: This condition is as a result of the vertebra facing a forward slip. It can be a birth defect, or due to fracture, trauma, or infection.
  • Stenosis: This is a condition where the spinal canal narrows in turn affecting the spinal cord. It can be a birth defect or due to aging.

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