5 Ways to Prevent Sports Injuries

There are many of us who love to indulge in one form of sports or another. While for some of us it may be a passion to excel, for others it may be a career or simply a lot of fun. However, getting injured while playing is a very common. Here are 5 steps that prevent sports injuries so that you can continue with your hobby, passion or career.

sports injuries

  1. Make sure that you are wearing your protective gear: One of the most widely used protective pieces of equipment is a helmet which can protect your head while you are indulging in sports like baseball, inline skating, hockey, softball or football. But make sure that you are using the right kind of helmet depending on the sports you are playing. For example, you should not use your football helmet while you are playing baseball.
  2. Warm up exercises: It is not advised that you should start playing immediately after reaching the field. You must do some warm up exercises like a light jog, so that your body is warmed up and you are all set to play.
  3. You must know about the game’s rules: If players are well-acquainted with the game’s rules, they will invariably suffer from fewer sports injuries. You as well as the other players should be aware of what to expect from other members of the opposition team. For example you must know that in the game of soccer, you are not supposed to crash into the legs of a player.
  4. Look out for others: Taking heed to your coach while you are playing to keep you safe and watching out for other players so that you can communicate well, should help you in avoiding sports injuries.
  5. Avoid playing while you are injured: Avoid playing while you are recovering from an injures or when you are hurt as it can further worsen your injuries and keep you out of action for a long period of time.

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