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My son Anthony (16) fractured the Scaphoid in his right hand during Nov. 2010. We were referred to Dr. Chalkin (Orthopedic Center Tulsa, OK) which when he reviewed Anthony’s MRI we were told Anthony needed surgery and physical therapy would follow.

The Scaphoid fracture kept the bone from receiving blood; the bone was dying it was almost black. The graft needed a blood cell in order to give blood supply back to the bone. Dr. Chalkin said he would use Anthony’s bone graft if possible before he resorted to cadaver bone. During surgery instead of using cadaver bone Dr. Chalkin was able to take a bone graft from Anthony’s wrist and place it in the Scaphoid fracture.

Will it work? The waiting begins.
Anthony had four pins and several stitches. His casts were changed four different times from the time of surgery November 2010 through March 2011.

During the March visit Anthony’s cast came off and the scar looked a lot better than I expected, the x-ray came back giving a positive report; the bone was now receiving blood and to top it off the surgery went so well Anthony does not need physical therapy just a lot of tender loving care like Dr. Chalkin gave him.

If something like this ever happens again I hope that Dr. Chalkin is here to take care of us.

Thank you Dr. Chalkin!!”

– Linda, Anthony’s Mother

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