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Ken was raised on a dairy farm and was kicked by a 1700Ib Holstein which shattered his left ankle and broke his leg. His physician told him he’d probably need a hip and/or ankle replacement sometime in the future. Fast forward 50 years (he lasted a lot longer than most!), his left leg was ½” shorter than his right causing thigh pain and Ken decided enough was enough.

Ken met with Dr Small our fellowship trained hip replacement surgeon and they decided on the direct anterior approach hip replacement. Dr Small told Ken his plan was to discharge him the same day as his surgery, which excited Ken who “hates hospitals.” Ken is in good shape and a great candidate for this type of surgery and was able to leave the hospital the same day.

According to Ken his “recovery has been excellent…I’m able to get in and out of cars, put on my socks and shoes…and to top it off NO MORE LIMPING”. It doesn’t hurt that Ken is a great patient by doing his exercises (physical therapy) and following Dr Small’s recommendations.


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