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Mel R. Buckner

In October 2014 I had my left knee replaced by Dr. Yogesh Mittal. I started hitting the gym 6 months in advance of the surgery for cardio and leg exercise. Three weeks after the replacement I walked 3 miles without a crutch or cane. My rehab was done by the book per doctor’s instructions. I attribute my success to my surgeon’s skilled hands and the work beforehand plus therapy after the fact.

Recently, I recounted my story to a friend who has just undergone knee replacement. I mistakenly told him the 3 mile walk was done 3 days after the surgery instead of 3 weeks. Now, 3 months into his recuperation, he thinks he isn’t doing well because he is still hobbling with a cane. I need to correct my story so my friend doesn’t think either he or his surgery is a failure.”

– Mel R. Buckner,Tulsa, OK.

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