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Kathy Holeman

He gave me my life back! And I’m recommending him to anyone with degenerative hip or knee issues.”
– Kathy Holeman

Kathy had been suffering from severe pain in her left hip for over 7 years caused by inflammation of the bursa sac. For the last 5 years she had been receiving steroid shots beginning every 6 months but more recently every 2 months. Kathy also tried physical therapy but to no avail. She was unable to cross her legs, lie on her left side and if she’d been sitting for very long she would have to “warm-up” her muscles in order to move. Luckily her daughter’s friend is a physical therapist and recommended Kathy visit Dr. Mittal. On her first visit Dr. Mittal told her he would work diligently to get her back to her life. Dr. Mittal felt a PRP with amniotic stem cell injection might help alleviate her awful pain. He couldn’t guarantee the outcome but felt it was her best option. Kathy is 6 months post procedure and has little to no pain!

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