In compliance with Governor Stitt’s mandate we are cancelling and rescheduling our elective surgeries through April 6th. During this time we will be performing emergent surgeries as they arise.

We will have a telemedicine option for clinic appointments soon, so please keep checking for updates.


 Dr. Stromberg

One of our talented hand surgeons, Dr. Stromberg, has taken some time to share a bit of his life, interests and professional advice with us. Here is a quick peek into some of his answers:

Q: What made you choose hand surgery as a sub-specialty?
A: The hand is a bridge to our world. We use our hands to interact with everything from friends and family to hobbies. With any hand problem, I want to get people back to the things they love.

Q: Do you have a favorite surgical procedure?
A: The LRTI. It is a surgery for painful arthritis at the base of the thumb. I enjoy it because it is unconventional – I remove the painful arthritic bone and replace it with a tendon from the forearm. The surgery is a great deal of fun to perform but also incredibly effective for the patient.

Q: What is the best part of your day?
A: The best part of my day is when I come home from work and play games with my 3-year-old son.

Q: Who is had the biggest influence on your career?
A: My mentor Jonathan Isaacs. He helped instill a set of high standards for myself. I’m always reflecting and striving to be perfect. I try and treat every patient as though they were family.

Q: Where is your dream vacation?
A: I have never been to Hawaii or Italy. Do I have to pick one?

Q: Favorite non-job activity?
A: My wife and I are avid gardeners. We grow standard plants like tomatoes and cucumbers but also have citrus and fig trees.

Q: If you could give patients one health related tip what would it be?
A: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Always be mindful when handling sharp objects or power tools.

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