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Too Good To Be True? Understanding Stem Cell Therapy

The rapid development of Regenerative Medicine has led to claims which sometimes appear to be ‘too good to be true’ with conflicting statements regarding the best source for cells and the appropriate treatment options.  Choosing the right physician is the most important step toward the goals of reducing pain, improving function, and restoring range of motion. The range of treatment options available to orthopedists is enormous, and Regenerative Medicine is just one of many options. Orthopedic surgeons receive extensive education and training focused on the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. They work to correct various problems that may arise in the skeleton and connective ligament and tendons, including osteoarthritis. Be wary of stem cells clinics and seminars conducted by non-orthopedic physicians.  While a few may have legitimacy, the majority are not, tend to be more salesman-like in nature and cannot offer the complete spectrum of orthopedic care and treatment.

Before you receive any treatment, Dr. Yogesh Mittal, the founder of the Institute for Regenerative Medicine & Joint Preservation will conduct a physical examination as part of your initial consultation to discuss whether regenerative medicine is the right approach for you. Regenerative medicine treatments such as bone marrow aspirate concentrate, amniotic and umbilical cord tissue/ fluid and PRP injections have been proven to be safe with a low complication rate. As part of your consultation, we will complete a physical evaluation and review of your medical records. The chances of achieving a successful outcome increase through proper patient evaluation, selection, and education.

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